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I Got Recipes, Got A Lot of Recipes!

I Got Recipes, Got A Lot of Recipes!

So yes, that is a Drake reference. Total side note, I went to the Drake and Future concert here in Atlanta last year with my friend Alex, and for those who care, Drake is Amazing! 

But the real reason for this blog post is not to talk about how much I love Drake, but to answer the question, Do you create your own recipes? And the answer is for the most part no. That's not to say that I never will or that I don't adapt certain recipes for what I need, but the thought of actually creating a cake recipe from scratch already makes me tired. Not to mention, it probably wouldn't taste that great. I have a lot of online bakers that I follow/admire and tons of baking books that I like to bake with. Some recipes come out great and others don't make it to my binder of "The Best of the Best Recipes", but with where I'm at in life (a young working adult ), I don't have the money or time to just experiment. I will say, though, that some of the tastiest cakes I bake are those that have been adapted from other recipes.

I'm sure this is where I should put one of my adapted cake recipes, but I'm still reading up on the correct way to site an adapted recipe from another blog, but what I can do is list my current top three favorite baking blogs: Call Me Cupcake, Sweetapolita, and Kitchen Vignettes. I'm sure once you check them out you can see some of the recipes that I have used myself, and let me be the first to say they taste great! 

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