I'm so glad you joined me! Please, take a look around and enjoy. Oh! You might want to go ahead and grab a glass of milk too. 

It's Here! It's Really HERE!!!

So how long does it take to get a website up and running? 

Well, for me it took about five months. I was way off of my 1 month goal, but I blame that on school, work, internship, and life. In all honesty, it probably doesn't take that long.  I could just be a little lazy or so creative that I just can't focus, but who really cares? The point is, that it is here now! There are though a few people I would like to thank for helping me to even get to this point: my friend, Stephanie, with the website design, my boss, Brittany, for the lovely photos and an amazing opportunity to create fun recipes, my cousin, Carinna, for her encouraging words and photos, and my friend, Alex, for having to listen when she doesn't always want to. Oh! And Johnathan, Daria, Mariel, and Ieesha for all of their optimistic thoughts that they would send my way. And a really BIG thanks to my family who made birthdays always so special for me, and with birthdays comes cake! 

My logo was designed by Rachel Chastine and truly captures the spirit of Engineering A Cake. Isn't it just the cutest!?!?! And of course, that is a loose interpretation of a yellow jacket (not to be confused with a bee). 

Also, a big thanks to anyone's household my goodies have entered! I mean someone has to eat all the sweets! Hopefully, you too will try out some of the recipes for your family and friends, and if you have any questions, you know where to find me! 

Happy baking! 

Anissa Saxton 

I Got Recipes, Got A Lot of Recipes!

I Got Recipes, Got A Lot of Recipes!